I am Anne, a 30-something year old tourism professional living in Voss, in the middle of the fjord region of Norway. With this blog I seek to share my adventures, near and far, and give my best tips on where to go, how and what to do.

I hope to inspire you to see the adventure in the details – you do not have to sit on a plane for 8 hours or drive through the continent to find get the big experiences!

I cannot remember a time when I did not long to travel.

Growing up in the small, rural village Myrkdalen, before it turned into a mountain resort, I longed for cities, culture and warm weather. Still at primary school, «Out of Africa» became my favourite movie, and after a visit to the ethnographic museum in Bergen I was determined to become an anthropologist.

University and studies took me away from Voss for almost 10 years; I took all the chances I could get to roam. I studied social anthropology in India, art management in New York City, executed field work in the Gambia and Turkey and completed my MSc in Responsible Tourism Management in the UK.

I grew up in a family that valued travelling and culture. Instead of packaged holidays in Spain every summer, we packed the car and drove. To destinations like Denmark, Germany and Italy. I was two years old the first time we drove to Italy. Quite ambitious by my parents, considering I suffered from motion sickness on every car trip. They knew, off course, that the autobahn is nothing like western Norwegian winding roads.

These holidays thought me that the road is the goal. We did not drive to get to a destination, we drove to experience as much as possible along the way.

My family also had places nearby that we could use for excursions; in the mountains surrounding Myrkdalen without running water and electricity, on an island outside Bergen, and my favourite; the apartment in my grandparents’ house in Bergen. Even though I loved going further afield, I always enjoyed these small breaks from everyday life that these places gave me in their different ways.

Now, I cherish the odd weekend out with my partner’s old camper, exploring the region I live in almost as much as big city getaways and longer travels. Almost. I still need urbanity now and then, learn about new cultures and not least; a few weeks of warmer weather. I love travelling solo, but it is also nice to share the experiences with my boyfriend.

Edit: I started this blog in Norwegian, which is why most content is not available in English yet. It will come. Until then, try the Google translate widget in my footer. 

– Anne –

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