Travel hack: A morning in Nuremberg

My best travel tips is to get up early and explore the destination as it awakes. See my 5 best pictures from a morning run in Nuremberg here.

Some of my best travel memories were made by getting up early. Combining a morning run with sightseeing before breakfast is my travel hack number 1.

When visiting Nuremberg as part of my two-week road trip in Central Europe, I soon realized we should have planned more than a night in this interesting Bavarian city. So, while my travel companions slept in and enjoyed a long breakfast, I went out on a quest to run along the old town walls and to find the Weissgerbergasse which I had seen so many images of.

Two birds, one stone

It was one of those “win, win, win” situations. I got some exercise before another full day of driving. I got to explore the destination at a time few other tourists were out. And last but not least, I got to experience the city waking up.

Not into running? Don’t fret. Walking does the trick too. Just remember to smile to the people you meet!

Early morning sightseeing is not just for holidays. If possible, it feels even better when on business travels where you have to spend most of the time inside meeting rooms and conference halls.

I found the street I was looking for, and it was just as pretty as expected in the dim morning sun. And do you know what? Back at the hotel, right before we were getting back into the car to drive to Hallstatt, the weather changed and it started pouring with rain. Another win?

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