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Pictures: A day in Corfu Town

A daytrip to Corfu town from Parga in Greece. Time enough to walk around the old town and realize I need to come back with more time to explore.

I bet coming in on a cruise ship to Corfu town in the morning could make you wonder whether you woke up in Italy rather than Greece. You see, Corfu was under Venetian control for more than 400 years, and this is oh so very visible in Corfu town.

Corfu town is the capital of this large island, locally called Kerkyra, in the Ionian sea next to the Greek and Albanian coasts. In addition to its beautiful, non-typical Greek city, Corfu is known for its wild landscape, idyllic villages and beaches.

I visited Corfu town on a daytrip from Parga. Let the pictures talk for themselves.

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A day in Corfu town was exactly enough time to walk around the old town, visit the old fortress, eat some mezetas and realize that I need more time to really explore this city – and the rest of the island.

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