A must do when in Ålesund

When in Ålesund, a hike up to Aksla view point is a must. It is equally spectacular whatever the season you visit. 

“There is no point in going up.
It is way too slippery and you won’t see anything anyway!”

My colleague was talking about Aksla, Ålesund’s town mountain and view point. We had just arrived Ålesund after a long busride fråm Flåm and were about to check in to our hotel.




We were staying at Scandic Parken Hotel, litterally on the edge of the park. What do you think was the first thing I noticed when opening the door to my room? Yes, a pretty good view up to that exact viewpoint.

I had been sitting on a bus for six hours that day, and travelled from Riga to Flåm via Voss the day before. The choice was easy; I had to move! I had been up there before and knew it was neither very long or difficult, but never in winter. Growing up in a valley with almost six months of winter after all, a bit of snow shouldn’t stop me from trying.



A small group of colleagues and I walked through the park. Everything was covered in snow and the sky was grey and foggy. We were all a bit curious of how much we actually would see from the top. And if we could make it to the top at all.


Even though Aksla is only 189 meters above sea level, it’s still quite steep. Stairs and steps make it easier to walk up. 418 steps from the starting point in the park to be exact. Calculating 20 minutes to walk, admire the view and taking pictures along the way up should be enough for most people. If one for any reason do not want to or can’t walk up, it is possible to get there by car as well.


On the top you will find Fjellstua café, a great place to stop for a coffee or lunch. Especially in summer when the outdoor terrasse is open. On sunny days you can see the spectacular Sunnmøre alps as a backdrop to the city.



The further up we came the clearer it got. And the ice people had been talking about? It was not to be found. Only snow that was totally ok to walk on.


It was like a winter dream; snow covered trees and roof tops, people in colorful parkas and the archipelago with the beautiful jugendstil city centre below us. Taking the chance to walk up was definitely the right choice!

Are you planning a visit to Ålesund? Do not miss this hike. It’s equally spectacular whatever the season you are here.

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  1. Beautiful photos!

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