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My spectacular backyard

My favourite cross country ski tour in the mountains behind my childhood home.

“Fancy a ski tour on mount Vikafjellet?”

My Sunday breakfast got interrupted by a text from my sister. The weather was supposed to be so, so, but neither the dog nor I had any better plans for the day.

Quickly I grabbed some lunch for both of us (the dog and I), packed some extra clothing and got in the car. The fact that my ski equipment live in my car during winter season makes everything easier.


Short after we met up with my sporty sister and sister-in-law at a parking lot on Vikafjellet, a mountain plateau between Myrkdalen in Voss and Vik by the Sognefjord. We put our skis on and started the five kilometer tour towards our family cabin. Two happy dogs running in front of us.


About an hour later we were sitting in front of the small cabin drinking coffee. Thanks to my sister. I always forget to bring a hot drink… The weather turned out much better than forecasted and we contemplated on going further.


If we continued uphill another 30 – 45 minutes we would get a fantastic view over Myrkdalen and the surrounding fjord landscape, and from there we could ski downhill all the way to our farm.


Blue sky, sun, perfect snow conditions and two happy dogs – why would we turn around to follow our own paths back?


So we continued en route home. And boy, was I happy we did! The shades of blue and white that met us when reaching the top was breathtaking.


This landscape. Can one ever get tired of it?

We continued down hill and returned home at the farm approximately 3 hours after leaving the cars behind.


Soon to be there will be a ski lift going up here from Myrkdalen Mountain Resort. I have to admit I have mixed feelings about that, but as someone who has not actually lived in this valley since 2004 I don’t have anything I can say. For my sister as a local farmer and land owner it has a lot to say, on the positive side.

Anyhow, we will still be able to do the tour from Vikafjellet and home. The view over the valley, the frozen lake and mountain tops far far away will still be the same.





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